University of California, San Diego

I completed my Bachelor of Science in Management Science within the Department of Economics. Similar to the study of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, this major focused on quantitative methods of applied economics and first exposed me to data science tools such as Stata and MATLAB.

Ernst & Young

My internship experience with Ernst & Young's Advisory group in Shanghai during my time studying abroad was one of the most impactful experiences that has shaped me into who I am today. I learned how to be a professional and how to work within a global company with people from different cultural backgrounds. I also learned structured thinking and communication using the pyramid principle.

The 2 projects I worked on were:

  1. Selection of office location within China for a multinational design studio.
  2. Research and prioritization of prospective clients entering the Chinese market.


As part of the Printing and Personal Systems group, I was responsible for financial reporting on the P&L for Managed Services in the Americas, with a focus on operating expenses. My main takeaway from this role was how to work with an enterprise data warehouse to retrieve and report on financial information across a large organization. My main tools were Excel, SAP BW, and Oracle Essbase.

My most fond memories are:

  1. Writing my first line of code using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) in Microsoft Excel.
  2. Visiting Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard's offices in Palo Alto and the HP Garage, otherwise known as the "Birthplace of Silicon Valley".


During my junior year I worked as a campus ambassador for a large Illinois based IT provider of hardware, software, and value added services. As an field sales representative, I established a partnership with the UCSD centralized IT department as a preferred purchasing partner. I then reached out to individual departments to promote CDW so that UCSD could benefit from a volume purchasing agreement.

What I remember most:

  1. Going on my first business trip to Chicago.
  2. Receiving my first Blackberry.
  3. Sales is hard.