Before beginning my career in software development, I worked as a Financial Analyst in the Worldwide AppleCare Operations organization. At the time, this group owned the reporting for over $8 billion per year of global support and services costs, including warranty and phone support costs across all of Apple's products.

My most significant contribution to the team was speeding up the monthly financial reporting process by a couple of days. I wrote my first significant amount of code in PHP: code that ingested several Excel spreadsheets, persisted the data to a MySQL database, and then ran calculations to output detailed cost data for every product model and variation across each region and country that Apple operated in.

This ultimately enabled me to build dynamic clickable dashboards using Tableau and Chart.js in an era where live reporting was less commonplace. These tools were used to answer ad hoc questions much more quickly and also used as a source of truth during our monthly planning meetings.

Unfortunately, due to the sensitivity of the information and Apple's secretive nature, I don't have any work samples to share. As an alternative, for you to enjoy, is an excerpt from an HBS Case Study detailing the time period: